8-10-18 I know the sit command.
We have had Daisy for almost 5yrs, we found her right before we moved into our current house with no luck in finding her owners. We have kept her since but are relocating for my husbands work and already have two other dogs & two cats. Daisy adores attention and getting pet & having her belly rubbed. She loves to please her owner and is the most happiest dog I ve ever been around.
7-7-18 EVENT I rode out of the kennel and loved the ride! Kept my nose out the window the whole time with no anxiety. I was nice with all the other dogs. I loved all the children and adults. Loud noises didn''t bother me, I did take notice when a bunch of other dogs were barking, but I was just curious. I was good on the leash, I pulled a little a 1st then did well. My volunteer said I was an a...
07-20-18...Loves to chase after thrown toys and is most likely housetrained.
7-26-18 The volunteers say I am calm and loving.
7-20-18 She is a calm, gentle, older lovable gal who is likely housetrained. She knows the sit and shake commands.
7-26-18 I like to swim
07-20-18...Socks loves to retrieve toys thrown in the pool.
07-20-18...Sandles is very adorable. She can climb a chain link fence so she will need to be in a home with a tall wooden privacy fence. She likes to play with the toys and balls.
6-14-15 I walk good on the leash. I am calm and wonderful. I love back rubs. And belly rubs
8-3-18 Takes treats gently, playful and lays down at your feet after he plays.
Tessie is mellow for a puppy her age and may need time to learn fun things and explore. She is cautious and shy but does well with other dogs and cats. She warms up easily and will do well with a family who has patience and understanding. She has been working on leash walking and recall and is anxious to learn more.
I adopted lyla not to long ago, my 1st dog. We clicked as soon as she crawled in my lap. She is a super cuddle bug, loves to play fetch as long as she knows you won t take the ball away from her forever and is fast. Adores people and is super cute to everyone she meets including children but she is still kinda to hyper for small Children. Gets along with dogs her size and bigger. Does not do we...
Fenway is 5yrs old and is a pure bred labrador. We got him when he was a couple months old. He is house and crate trained. He is very energetic and would do best with a large backyard and someone who wants a dog to play with & take for runs. He is nice with kids but would be best with older kids due to his energy level. My husband & I work a lot and travel for work and we can t give him the att...
01-04-18 I am a happy and wonderful girl. I loved playing in the yard and getting lots of treats. I helped my scared kennel mate Petey feel more comfortable.
You know how sometimes you meet someone and they just exude happiness; and you just can't help but be happy too?? That's Cricket! This lovable, petite girl is never without a smile. Cricket loves everyone she meets, including dogs and is Is enjoying learning all about kitties! She's quiet and calm, but get her outside and she's ready to run and play! Snuggling is 1 of her favorite past times. S...
01-02-18 I know the sit command and take treats nicely. I am a funny and happy girl.
17-Jul-2018East Milton, FL +18 milesDogs for Sale
Sadie is a 2yr old black labrador who is looking for a forever home. The rescue was contacted that Sadie had been roaming around the neighborhood and her owner was never found. Sadie is an all-around friendly girl who loves to meet people and show off ...
12-28-17 I know how to fetch and retun and I love squeeky toys.
12-28-17 I like bananas!!
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