ALL #s MATCH 283 Auto w Factory AC Great Classic Chevrolet Impala 2 Door Hard Top V8 Auto #s Match Factory AC Car Yes There Is Some Rust Needing Repair..... All Paperwork To Document ROY JONES JR Prior Ownership (SIGNED TITLE) ..... WAY TOO COOL A CLASSIC and WHAT A INCREDIBLE HISTORY I DRANK I SMOKE - 2 Piece MAGIC All Rode In This IMPALA. USED IN RAP VIDEO 2 PIECE MAGIC All Rode In This Imapa...
ROY JONES JR s 1967 IMPALA - All #s Matching With Every Documentation Of The First Female Owner & Then Sold To RJJ. This is a 283 V8 + Auto Powerglide Transmission. Factory AC car and still 100% Intact. This Car Has Some Bubbling In The Paint, Rust Spot Rear Quarter Driver Side. Signed Odometer Disclosure By ROY JONES JR 64,800 miles. AWESOME CLASSIC CHEVROLET w INCREDIBLE PEDIGREE *Cash Buyers...
This 2 Owner Classic #s Match 283 Powerglide Automatic Factory Airconditioned 64,800 original mile coupe has every document from the day it was ordered and delivered. The car was owned by prominant lady in Pensacola and then became the prize possession of the 2x CHAMPIONSHIP PROFESSIONAL BOXER Roy Jones Jr.. FTV. NAVARRE, FL
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