***FREE MUST PICK UP*** for projects only! Not safe for use on a vehicle!!! Almost no tread left. Good for DIY Pinterest projects and such. Must pick up Navarre
They need some work and one of the front to rear rods is missing, but they are certainly usable. Local pickup preferred in Milton, FL. _________________ 1967 Standard Walk-Through Type 2 1960 Panel Type 2
Walk through section from a mid 60 s bus. The cargo floor section will be cut off . I need it for another project..feel free to ask any questions.
Just looking for a bench mount engine stand. I have the actual stand, just need the part that actually holds the engine. Thanks for looking. _________________ 1967 Standard Walk-Through Type 2 1960 Panel Type 2
I have a 1500cc engine for sale. It is a complete engine with fan shroud, alternator, exhaust, and intake. It has been sitting in my garage, under my work bench for years and it's time it goes to someone that can use it. I can email pics if you're interested. Thanks
Good condition replacement soft top for 2 door Jeep Wrangler JK. Black with tinted windows.
**Needed** I am in need of the bottom radiator mount brackets for a Vanagon.
Spare https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=goodyear%20wrangler%20sr-a%20p275%2F65r18&cat_id=91083&typeahead=P275%2F65R18%20Goodyear%20Wrangler
Pair of bead blasted used drive flanges from a VW Thing transaxle. These can be used to install bus or Thing cv joints on a type 1 IRS transaxle, Shipping is extra.
Looking for these. Condition unimportant so long as all parts present. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
Looking for the front to rear shift rod for 67' bus. I know that they are rather year specific, probably 65'-67'. I made my own for the time being due to rust, but I'd really like to find an original one. I'm also looking for a rear hatch, decklid, and cargo doors for the same vehicle. Thanks for looking! _________________ 1967 Standard Walk-Through Type 2 1960 Panel Type 2
I have a type IV engine from a 1981 Vanagon. I bought the van knowing the engine was bad. The shop I got it from said the engine lost compression and needs the heads rebuilt. But, all the fuel injection and exhaust is intact. The heater boxes actually look fairly new. Asking $500.00 Thanks