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I have 2 cameras that are like new, used only a few times many years ago, still in the box, with instructions. They work perfectly! Price is $120 EACH.
Adjustable compartments inside. Dusty (from storage) on the outside, will need to be wiped down. Inside is clean. canvas material.
Used several months ago and worked fine, film is available on Amazon.
This was my Dads. He used it a few months ago and it worked like always. Probably needs to be professionally cleaned due to dust from storage.
This fit my Nikon DSLR as well. It s made for manual cameras but can work with others.
Distance/ zoom. Can be adapted (I do not have the adapter) to fit any camera, manual or DSLR. I used it on my Digital Nikon, my Dad used it on a manual Canon. No problems, maybe dusty inside (you can take it to a repair shop and it costs about $10 ish to detail/ clean... at least it used to.
Can be used with a DSLR or manual camera. Generic Lens/ camera mouth adapters are available on Amazon. This was my favorite lens (with my Nikon DSLR). Comes with a hard body case. Missing lens cap but no scratches. It s dusty and probably needs to be professionally cleaned.
This has some modern features that are similar to DSLR cameras but uses film. I believe it s a digital film camera. I haven t used it in 12 years but my cousin used it recently and said she had no issues. Missing cap on lens.
Will fit any Manual or DSLR camera- but you may need to buy a manual adapter set, pretty cheap on Amazon. There are some fun effects (see in photos) also a sepia and I m honestly unsure what the 6th does, but you can find out!! No scratches, just smudges and dust, you can clean with lens or glass cleaner. They come with a leather (maybe faux leather) carry case that snaps closed to fit in camer...